Conversion of any format magnetic tape to high quality digital audio transfers

Audio analog to digital transfer specialists.

Cups ’n Strings are the
experts in digitizing, restoration and preservation of audio recordings in many different and varying formats. We boast an extensive range of equipment with the capacity to transfer just about every tape recorded, even those recorded in the most obscure formats. With our vintage playback equipment paired to state-of-the-art digital gear, you can be assured of professional quality standards. Be it a single master tape or a whole catalog.

We have over 35 years of analog experience in Tape Baking, Repairs and Restoration and Digital Transfers, five of those years dealing exclusively with the Capitol Records recording.

Our collection of playback machines include all professionally supported playback formats including rare multi channel head stacks and numerous obscure "pro-sumer" formats together with a full complement of noise reduction systems.

Before the transfer process we evaluate the condition of the tape, and make any physical repairs or restoration as needed. We determine the tapes speed, EQ curve, recording level, whether noise reduction used, and if so which type, and adjust azimuth.

Your tape will be digitized and returned to you with the highest quality transfer possible. Outside of the transfer process we also offer clean-up of the digital transfer by removing pops/clicks, audio drop outs.

Digital transfers can be made in any digital audio file format (AIFF, WAV, SD-2), at any sample rate or bit depth. The digital audio files can be opened by all digital audio work station systems and on any platform.

The final product can be stored on any digital storage media including CD-R, DVD-R, MO drive, LTO or Hard Drive

We have restored collections that our clients have deemed unrecoverable. Our expertise in the delicate process of disaster recovery (mold removal, water damage, mud, sludge is supported by custom built in-house cleaning equipment and experienced archivists.

 Client said " ....some tape came off the reel!

Our clients range from archives, institutions, libraries, universities, record labels, independent artists, and private collectors. Whether you have valuable master tapes, a collection of oral histories,
deteriorating, damaged or obsolete media, we can help you.

Whether your project entails a single tape or many thousands, we are your archival associates.